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Notes and guidelines:

  1. Press tab ↹ or enter ↵ to recompute after changing a value.
  2. Add 4% cost of goods as insurance for EMS packages.
  3. Exchange rates updated as of 2022-02-11.
    Get official rates updated weekly from BOC under CMC issuances.
    For packages valued in currencies other than USD: customs officers sometimes get values in USD first, then use PHP/USD exchange rates in the computation.
  4. Get rate of duty from Philippine Tariff Finder.
    For common cases: use 15% for clothing, bags and shoes; leave at 10% otherwise.
  5. Amount to pay to BOC (and BIR) in red. Amount to pay to PHLPOST in blue.
Dutiable Value
Other Landed Costs (in PHP)
Fixed charges (in PHP)
Computed values (in PHP)

Disclaimer: This tool is made to guide users and give simple estimates, but is not meant to provide an official calculation of duties, taxes and fees for imported goods. Please refer to the laws and your customs officers for accurate and official values.

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